Customer Driven

Customer requirements to meet end-use applications, which include thermal stability, light fastness, mold release, dispersabiity, opacity, cost, and color, are the cornerstones for the development process at RheTech Colors. Understanding the customer’s needs and concerns, along with responding effectively with world class color and additive dispersions, is what sets Rhetech Colors apart from the competition.

Value Added

Color and additive dispersions provide many times their cost in value because they maximize manufacturing resources and materials. Poor color and additive performance can create costs that well exceed any potential value. As cost and value are driving forces, your color and additive supplier should be focused on providing a quality product and quality support in the use of their color and additive dispersions at the best price.

RheTech Colors is committed to provide value to its customers through active support including:

  • World Class (ISO9001-2000 certified) color and additive dispersions and services
  • State of the Art manufacturing
  • On-site training
  • Feed systems monitoring
  • Access to ISO17025 accredited lab
  • Lowest net cost products

Technology Focused

RheTech Colors’ Color Engineering Center (CEC) is staffed with a team of professionals who have established themselves as leaders in the design of color and additive dispersions. With many years of experience in color and additive dispersion development, manufacturing, and quality assurance, RheTech Colors continues to meet or exceed customer requirements and at a competitive price. With state-of –the-art lab and manufacturing technology, RheTech Colors is positioned to provide unique solutions to even the most demanding end-use applications.

Integrated Capabilities

Working closely with RheTech Inc.’s technical center in Whitmore Lake, Michigan, RheTech Colors offers its customers access to a state-of-the-art facility for the development and testing of color and additive dispersions. RheTech’s fully-accredited ISO 17025 testing laboratory allows them to test and certify materials to industry and customer specifications.

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