Custom Masterbatch

Custom Polymer Based Color and Additive Dispersions

Our highly trained and experienced development engineers have the technology and manufacturing support to design and formulate color and additive dispersions to meet even your most demanding needs. Whether your application requires long term outdoor exposure, superior color consistency, high heat resistance, NSF approval, or FDA approval; you can count on RheTech Colors.

Current offering of polymer based dispersions include the following resins:

PE, PP, PVC, ABS, PS, PC, PET, EVA, PMMA, SAN, PBT, Nylon, Acetal, & CAP

Custom polymer based color and additive dispersions are available in order quantities of 25 lbs to truckload.

RheTech Colors is equipped to meet customer requirements in service and delivery on the color and additive dispersions we manufacture. Non-rush orders shipped in 5 – 7 working days.

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